Highly Sophisticated Metal Card Embossing Machine White

Highly Sophisticated Metal Card Embossing Machine White

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Embossing machine is widely applied for shopping mall, entertainment & catering center, security exchanges, banks and so on. To make embossing characters on the card for increasing its authority, a reliable Card Embossing Machine is quite a necessity. Today you're so lucky here to meet our Highly Sophisticated Metal Card Embossing Machine. It feature reliable structure, high precision, portable size, exquisite look and easy operation. Supporting both letter and figure, it can easily emboss prominent characters on PVC cards. Would you like to give it a try?

1. Moderate size for convenient installation
2. Adopting premium metal material, solid structure and high strength
3. Used to emboss outstanding letter or figures on PVC card
4. Promoting the authority of cards, it is commonly seen in security exchanges, banks, catering center and so on
5. Accurate location and convenient operation


1. Material: Metal
2. Color: White
3. Weight: 317.47oz / 9000g


Package Includes:
1 x Card Embossing Machine