HB-WGG002 8 Wrap Coils Low-carbon Steel Linker Tattoo Machine Red

HB-WGG002 8 Wrap Coils Low-carbon Steel Linker Tattoo Machine Red

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HB-WGG002 8 Wrap Coils Low-carbon Steel Linker Tattoo Machine Red

Do you want to be cool with a colorful and unique tattoo? Do you want to use a tattoo to cover a scar from burning, surgical procedures or other incidents that may feel like a blemish on your body? Today we are excited to recommend this tattoo machine to you. Featuring rapid thermal diffusion, it has a steady performance after continuous working. Made of superior material and fine workmanship, it is safe and convenient to use. This small and lightweight device will give you a lot of convenience. This device won't let you down!

1. New and high quality
2. Made of superior composite material, the spring is high-elastic and anti-fatigue for long-time working
3. Pure iron armature bar has excellent magnetic conductivity
4. With stable performance and rapid thermal diffusion, it can work for 8 hours at a stretch without heat
5. High-quality 2pcs 8 warps coils is specially designed for tattoo machine
6. Perfect for any tattoo artist who is looking for a good quality tattoo machine

1. Model: HB-WGG002
2. Frame Material: Low-carbon Steel 
3. Construction: Casting to Shape
4. Purpose Recommended: Linker
5. Coils: 8 Warps Coils; 28 mm / 1.10 inch
6. Working Voltage: 3-10V
7. Starting Voltage: 3V
8. Running Speed: 6000 switch/min
9. Capacitor: 47¦ÌF
10. A-Bar Material: Pure Iron
11. Front Binder Material: Brass
12. Rear Binder Material: Brass
13. Spring Thickness: 0.50mm rear spring & 0.50mm front spring
14. Weight: 8.96 oz / 254 g
15. Optimum Voltage: 5.5~8V
16. Dimensions: (3.43 x 3.07 x 0.91)" / (8.7 x 7.8 x 2.3)cm (L x W x H)
17. Color: Red, Black

Package Includes:
1 x Tattoo Machine

Extra Info
Why the machine cannot start?
1. The elastic rod does not touch the contact point of the inclined spring plate: Loosen the screw of elastic rod, rotate down the elastic rod to the contact point, and then regulate the rod to the right position. Finally tighten the screw to lock the elastic rod.
2. The switch is off: Connect it to 220V AC power supply and turn on the switch. The indicator turns red.
3. Both of adjustable knob (VOLTAGE) and V meter hand are in "0": Rotate the adjustable knob clockwise slowly. Simultaneously, V meter hand is also moving and should stop at 10V-12V
4. The elastic rod touches the contact point of front spring so tightly that the machine cannot start and maybe will cause short circuit. Turn on the switch and the indicator turns green (No voltage): Loosen the screw of elastic rod, rotate up the elastic rod and then rotate it down to the contact point, and finally regulate it to the right position. Restart the power,