Auto Color Changing Solar Power Welding Helmet Shield 1639A Black

Auto Color Changing Solar Power Welding Helmet Shield 1639A Black

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To well protect yourself from any potential danger during daily welding work, you may  need our Auto Color Changing Solar Power Welding Helmet Shield highly recommended here! It is in solid structure made with high-class propene polymer material as well as special treatment. With excellent auto color changing design, it could make your eyes adapt to actual brightness. Dual filtering could prevent your eyes from harm UV or infrared radiation. Also, for the helmet shield itself, it is in good durability and stylish look. It must be your regretless choice!

1. High quality and in a new condition
2. Made of superior propene polymer material and with exquisite workmanship
3. High strength, good durability and reliability
4. Dual filtering could avoid any UV or infrared radiation to your eyes
5. Powered by solar energy, it supports long-lasting working time and is quite eco-friendly
6. Support auto color changing
7. It is great for workers who work on welding task


1. Masks Material: Propene Polymer
2. Weight: 1.08 lbs / 0.49 kg
3. Mirror Frames Dimensions: (4.33 x 3.54)" / (11 x 9)cm (L x W)
4. Light States: DIN 4
5. Drak States: DIN5-13 Free Adjustment
6. View Area Dimensions: (3.78 x 1.89)" / (9.6 x 4.8)cm (L x W)
7. Response Time(Bright To Dark): <1/30000 Seconds
8. The Return Time(Dark To Bright): 0.15S¡«0.8S
9. Working Temperature: (-5¡«55)¡æ / (23¡«131)¨H
10. Storage Temperature: (-20¡«70)¡æ / (-4¡«158)¨H
11. Warranty: 2 Years
12. Life Expectancy: 10 Years
13. Uv Protection: 16 Levels
14. Battery Type: Lithium Battery & Solar Cells
15. UV-Transmission: 313nm¡Ü0.00006% / 365nm¡Ü0.00006%
16. Infra Red Transmission: 780~1300nm¡Ü0.003% / 1300~2000nm¡Ü0.009%
17. Color: Black


Package Includes:
1 x Solar Auto Welding Helmet Shield
1 x User Manual