85W Photography Lighting Photo Studio Light Bulbs

85W Photography Lighting Photo Studio Light Bulbs

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85W Professional Studio Light Bulb For Photography


Why choose bulbs with colour temperature 5500K/5400K for shooting?

Please check the graph above.

Only the colour temperature 5500k/5400K enjoys colourless spectrum while 6400k is blue,and 4500k yellow.

So not the highest the best,5500k/5400K is your right choice for photography.


This Bulb is a good equipment for photography. It's power,colour temperature and CRI are standard so you can use it to get accurate photos that you just want. It's packed safely, no worry about damage.


85W (425w equivalent) Continuous Light Bulb, pure white daylight 

5400K, just made for photography 

General colour rendering index(CRI) Ra > 90 

10000 hours long life bulbs 

E27 socket, suitable for any light holder with E27 socket 

Voltage: 220V-240V 

Weight: 0.6kg 

Protected by styrofoam packing

Package Include:

1 x 85W 5400K Ra>90 Photography Bulb with original factory protective styrofoam package