3D Cool Big Sailing Ship Kite for Outdoor Games and Activities

3D Cool Big Sailing Ship Kite for Outdoor Games and Activities

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This versatile kite is ideal for learning the basics of kite flying. Kids will build their strength and coordination as they launch and recover it. They'll also improve critical thinking skills as they learn to fly it in different types of winds and environments.Beautiful with bright rainbow colors,Flying the kite is undoubtedly an entertaining activity for both kids and adults.Use it any open area, from beaches to parks, and enjoy spending quality time with your family.

1. Awesome kites designs
2. High quality fabric
3. Well-built frame
4. Easy to assemble
5. Extremely easy to fly
6. Great gift idea

1. Color: Colorful
2. Material: 190T Polyester
3. Dimensions: (37.80 x 25.98 x 27.56)" / (96 x 66 x 70)cm (L x W x H)
4. Weight: 7.55oz / 214g

Package Includes:
1 x Sailling Ship Kite
1 x Manual
1 x 30m Blue Board

Taking Off:
Ask your friend to hold the kit with the colored side of the kite facing into the wind. The person compartment vents should point towards the sky.
Take a handle in each hand and walk backwards into the wind and allow the lines to unwind. Keep going until the line is almost fully unwound. Hold on tight.
Pull the line tight and ask friend to let go of the kite as you pull quickly back on the handles.
With a strong enough wind the kite should rise into the air as you pull back on the handles
Always use the handles as bare line can cut the hands.
To Fly:
To steer your kite pull the right handle to go right and pull the left handle to go left.
If you pull on one direction for a few seconds the kite will loop in circles, pull harder to loop tighter
Pull with the other hand to stop the spin and change direction of the spin.