1 Pair Boot Stretchers Professional Wooden Shoes Stretcher for Boots 39-42 M

1 Pair Boot Stretchers Professional Wooden Shoes Stretcher for Boots 39-42 M

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If you buy a pair of expensive boots, you'd better take care of it. This Boot Stretchers is a great tool to keep the boots in good condition. This Boot Stretchers enables you to stretch width of the boots. It allows you to adjust the length according to the shoes' height. Made of top-grade plastic, it is environmentally-friendly, firm and durable. The lightweight size design makes this shoe stretcher portable to carry, effectively preventing shoes from deforming. Believe us; this great shoe stretcher will help you keep the shoes in good shape for a long time!

1. Enable you to stretch width of a boots 
2. It is environmentally-friendly, firm and durable
3. Lightweight for convenient and portable carry
4. Effectively prevent shoes from deforming and keep your shoes in good condition
5. A reliable shoe stretcher with stylish design and practical function

1. Material: Solid Pine Wood & Metal Shaft
2. Handle Length: 13" / 33cm
3. Handle Width: 2.95" / 7.5cm
4. Shoe Tree Length: 6.69" / 17cm 
5. Weight: 35 oz / 1000 g

Package Includes:
1 x Pair of Boot Stretchers
8 x Pressure Relief Pads 

NOTE: This device only stretches the width of your boots, not the length.

How to use:
Insert the shoe stretchers into the shoes, making sure they are expanded as much as the shoe will allow before inserting them. Turn the knob to begin stretching the shoe. You will usually have to leave the stretcher in at least overnight, and sometimes for 24-48 hours. The longer you leave the stretcher in, the more the shoes will stretch, so you might want to try a shorter period of time first, as shoes that are too loose don't feel good either.