Nickel Roll for Welding Spot

0.2mmX10mm Nickel Roll Strip Tape Ni Plate For Li 20650 Battery Connector Spot Welding Machine

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0.2mmX10mm Nickel Roll Strip Tape Ni Plate For Li 20650 Battery Connector Spot Welding Machine


Note: Regarding to your censure on our nickel strip, please note as below.


1. Electrical conductivity: The core difference between nickel and steel is electrical conductivity. The conductivity of a current through nickel is much greater than that of steel.

2. Oxidation: In a damp environment, nickel will have oxidative metal, Like rust, but unlike the entire surface of iron rust. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire and heat. Packaging requirements sealed, not in contact with moist air. It should be stored separately from oxidant, acid and so on. The use of explosion-proof lighting, ventilation facilities.

3. Magnetism: Iron, cobalt and nickel are eighth elements, similar to those of the genus with magnetoelectric, ferromagnetic materials, pure nickel can be magnet suction. You need to confirm that nickel is pure metal or alloy, in real life, and the trace elements such as nickel, titanium made of stainless steel is not contained in the iron, nickel iron magnetic alloy containing nickel, therefore, less is not necessarily has the ferromagnetic nickel metal original, or even only weak magnetic.

4. What kinds of metal do not have oxidation? The answer is nothing metal... If the metal is nickel aluminium alloy, their oxidation is a little transparent white color on salt water. Of course, the metal cost will be much cheaper than pure nickel. Please check your pure nickel. And please make sure your are not using nickel aluminium alloy strip




0.2mm x 10mm


Product Name:Pure Nickel Strip


Size:0.2mm x 10mm










Pure Nickel - Easy and Perfect for welding!


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1X Nickel Strip