New Deluxe Maple Wood Violin Shoulder Rest 3 4 4 4 Size

New Deluxe Maple Wood Violin Shoulder Rest 3 4 4 4 Size

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Nowadays, shoulder rests are quite commonly used among modern violinists and violists. This shoulder allows you to have a more comfortable attitude while playing by adding height to the shoulder and preventing the instrument from slipping. A shoulder rest can dampen 
the instrument's tone by decreasing the vibrations of the back of the instrument and provide a firm yet comfortable frame. This shouldercan lighten the task of your left hand, enabling smoother and lighter shifting technique, strong, durable, and fully adjustable. This shoulderis really an good accessory to facilitate holding the violin.

1.A long-time favorite of students and professionals, this Violin Shoulder Rest provides a firm yet comfortable frame, with dense padding for comfort and stability
2.It features simplified end member mechanisms, which allow for very fine adjustments
3.This Violin Shoulder Rest is strong, durable, and fully adjustable
4.The Comfortable Violin Shoulder Rest will be a good assistant for your performance
5.With this Violin Shoulder Rest, you shoulder will never feel tired or painful during the practice
6.This Violin Shoulder Rest has a fine workmanship
7.Adjustable to fit 3/4 and 4/4 size violins

1. Weight: 3.88oz / 110g
2. Dimensions: (8.07 x 2.16 x 1.45)" /(20.5 x 5.5 x 3.7)cm (L x W x H)
3. Material: Foam, Wood
4. Color: Darkgoldenrod


Package Includes:
1 x New Deluxe Maple Wood Violin Shoulder Rest 3/4 4/4 Size